Build Your Career With Telamon: Employee Testimonials

Why build your career with Telamon?

Our employees would like to share with you why they love working at Telamon



"I have been working at Telamon Insurance for over five years and the staff is wonderful. Everybody works together to create a team concept. It is great!" Melissa Nord, Senior Account Executive


"I started with Telamon's Surplus Services division when we were only between 6 months and 1 year in business! I can't imagine working any place else. Mike Susco is like family to me." Judy Gordon, Senior Account Manager



"I’ve worked for Telamon since 1988 when we were just a small agency. We've rapidly grown from 8 to 50+ employees in 18 years, but Mike Susco and his team of managers has kept his feelings of running a family-oriented company. I know Mike's door is always open....He is the most honest and hardworking owner of any company I have ever worked for, and he is always true to his word." Nancy Sleek, Senior Account Executive 



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